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Disney Magic Kingdoms is city-building game for desktop and mobile device first released on released on March 17, 2016 which allows players to create their own Disney theme park populated by various characters from brands owned by The Walt Disney Company.

Indiana Jones characters were first released on July 11, 2023 with Marion Ravenwood and Henry Jones, Sr. included as part of a WALL•E content update. Indiana Jones, René Belloq and Sallah were added on August 8 in anticipation of an Indiana Jones event which ran between August 17 to September 1.

Plot summary (Indiana Jones event)[]

Sent by Indiana Jones to scout a mysterious kingdom for a potential new dig site, Sallah reminiscences about their misadventure with René Belloq surrounding the excavation of Temple of the Forbidden Eye in 1935. Afterwards, the Egyptian digger recalls a few more tales, from 1936, with individual stories for himself, Belloq, Jones, Henry Jones, Sr and Marion Ravenwood.



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Behind the scenes[]


While Disney Magic Kingdoms isn't specifically an Indiana Jones title, the Indiana Jones Event 2023 drew heavily upon, and added to, existing lore within the Expanded Adventures.

Main storyline[]

  • Sallah introduces himself by his full name, Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir, which was first revealed in Young Indiana Jones and the Tomb of Terror.
  • Upon seeing the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction for the first time, Sallah tries to remember what it reminds him of, considering the Temple of Peril and Temple of the Crystal Skull before realizing that it's the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, all of which are all DisneyParks attractions.
  • He places their locations in French Indochina, the Lost River Delta of Peru and the Lost Delta of India: "I suppose more than one delta can be lost at a time..."
  • For the "Shadows Fall" side quest, Sallah reveals that he is in possession of Belloq's journal. The diary first appeared in the Raiders of the Lost Ark Sourcebook and was expanded in The Greatest Adventures of Indiana Jones. In the side quest, Belloq remarks upon how naive Professor Kauffman was for telling him the whereabouts of the Lost Delta. Kauffman, of Indiana University, was introduced in a letter written to Indiana Jones that was displayed in the queue at Temple of the Forbidden Eye in which the professor, mistaking Belloq for an "old friend" of Jones, tells him that Belloq has called.
  • Sallah sings a section of "My Gallant Crew", from HMS Pinafore, continuing his interest in Gilbert & Sullivan first shown with "A British Tar" in Raiders of the Lost Ark. He also mentions that "The Major-General's Song" (The Pirates of Penzance) is particularly challenging for him and doesn't reflect the pirates he knows.
  • In the Forbidden Eye ride, set in 1935, Belloq is absent beyond brief mentions in the queue, despite Indiana Jones warning Sallah to watch out for him. 28 years after the attraction first opened, Disney Magic Kingdoms tells of Belloq's participation at the site by weaving it around the events of the ride itself, revealing to visitors of Disneyland that, between their encounters with Indiana Jones, the archaeologist is trying to stop Belloq looting the temple and framing the tourists all while dealing with the temple coming apart.
    • Belloq has stolen a canteen of "Eternal Youth water" and satchel of Earthly Riches but regrets there's nothing tangible he can plunder from Observatory of the Future, all of which are rewards offered to those who avoid looking into the eyes of Mara.
    • Indiana Jones knocks Belloq out cold in one punch which surprises himself: "I gotta fistfight Belloq more often..." However, he takes the time to place him somewhere relatively safe while he helps the tourists.
    • Jones encounters a "bus-sized cobra" and the "Rolling Orb of Implacable Retrib[ution]", both features of the ride, and Sallah notes that they foreshadow similar events in the Well of the Souls and Chachapoyan Temple. That even the rolling boulder has now been given a name may be a playful nod to the elaborate monikers of several chambers and tunnels which are shown in detail on the Indiana Jones Adventure Map.
    • When the tourists escape, much of the temple is lost in the aftermath and the surrounding area rendered unstable. Jones and Sallah go back in to rescue Belloq but find he has already left and had to abandon his loot. Sallah isn't told Belloq's name, allowing his mishearing it as "Bellosh" when learning it ahead of his appearance in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but mentions that the Earthly Riches ended up in the National Museum's India collection.
    • Sallah also mentions that his and Jones's "excavation of the Temple led to many more adventures".

Belloq storyline[]

Indiana Jones storyline[]

Henry Jones, Sr. storyline[]

Marion Ravenwood storyline[]

  • Marcus Brody has asked Marion Ravenwood for help sorting through "Marshall's museum archive". Her brief employment with the museum was established in The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones storyline "The Fourth Nail".
  • On finding that a considerable amount of the archive is stored within baskets, she paraphrases Indiana Jones' ophidiophobia with "Baskets. Why'd it have to be baskets...?", and considers the chore only slightly better than getting yelled at by a monkey and dragged into the middle of the Sahara desert, references to her experience in Cairo from Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • She uncovers a "bronze keychain-looking trinket with horns, and a ratty old notebook" which are indicated to have been on loan to Marshall from Barnett College, and pities the next person to go looking for them if they go missing again, foreshadowing the Caswell Hall sequences of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.
    • The 'keychain' is likely intended to have been the Horned Statue rather than Sophia Hapgood's necklace as the latter should be with the archaeologist-turned-psychic where the statue is stored at Barnett in the game.
    • Barnett College is stated to be upstate from Marshall College which runs counter to Marshall being in Connecticut and Barnett's location in (upstate) New York to the south.
    • Marshall and Barnett having some form of working relationship is new for Disney Magic Kingdoms but provides a reconciliation for instances across Indiana Jones that treat the universities as one and the same.
  • Marion finds letters to Indiana Jones from her father Abner Ravenwood, referencing their correspondence from Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye and is surprised to find the two men were communicating to an extent during their decade-long estrangement. She wonders if they were beginning to mend their friendship, addressing the continuity inconsistency the attraction introduced which ran counter to details given in Raiders.
  • With Indiana Jones away, Marcus asks Marion to teach Jones's archaeology class as he has a meeting with Dean Kennedy, a character established in The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones.
  • That Marion is qualified to teach the class because she is "archaeology-adjacent" is similar to the justification she gives to invite herself onto Indiana Jones's expedition in "Africa Screams!" and how Marcus reasons that she is ideal for the museum's PR agent role in "The Fourth Nail".
  • The lecture doesn't go well but Marion's argument that running a tavern outside Kathmandu is a great way to fund an archaeology career hints at the way Abner Ravenwood carried out his Nepal expedition in the Raiders of the Lost Ark Sourcebook.
Preppy outfit storyline[]

Sallah storyline[]

  • Sallah indicates that with the "business at the Well of Souls" resolved, the Germans have abandoned their Tanis dig and with that, other excavations reliant on Cario's diggers can now continue. That the enormity of the Nazi Tanis excavation actively suspended other archaeological efforts in the area is a detail added by the game.
  • Sallah gets an offer to work with archaeologist Pierre Montet who was a real person. Tempted, he declines as he can't bear the thought of further work at Tanis. Historically, Montet excavated the site between 1929 to 1951, through the 1936 setting of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Although Disney Magic Kingdoms doesn't state that Montet worked at Tanis before 1936, the game's explanation that the Nazi search for the Ark of the Covenant held up other digs does allow Raiders to sync up better with real-world history. The Raiders of the Lost Ark Sourcebook notes that Montet would conduct his Tanis dig further away from Belloq's site in the movie and only mentions his work there from 1939. Sallah adds that he will have to warn Montet about aeroplane debris.
  • The game also accounts for real-world history by crediting Sallah for the invention of the retractable seat belts used in Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye which were previously an anachronistic safety feature for the 1935 setting. The digger regrets that his letters to US car manufacturers about them are being ignored.
  • At Cairo Museum, Sallah receives a letter from Captain Katanga who apologizes for not being able to keep Marion Ravenwood safe—having been warned in Raiders of the Lost Ark that the Egyptian would hear of it if Marion and Indiana Jones weren't treated well—and explains the delay in his correspondence was because he was in a Panamanian prison, which was shown in "The Sea Butchers".

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