Indiana Jones at the door of the Caboose.

Doctor Fantasy's Magic Caboose was the last car of the Dunn & Duffy traveling circus train. In 1912, Indiana Jones used the magician's equipment inside to escape from Fedora's Gang.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Dr. Fantasy is a great party host, and a master of several complicated high dives into large cakes."
Harrison Ford[src]

"Doctor Fantasy" was an identity Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall adopted when performing magic shows during crew parties. After accidentally falling into a cake during the wrap party for Raiders of the Lost Ark, it became a tradition for Marshall (as Doctor Fantasy) to dive into cakes as a part of parties during the making of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The name on the caboose is a reference to Marshall's "Lucasfilm tradition".[1]


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