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Indiana Jones at the door of the Caboose.

Doctor Fantasy's Magic Caboose was the last car of the Dunn & Duffy traveling circus train. In 1912, Indiana Jones used the magician's equipment inside to escape from Fedora's Gang.

Behind the scenes[]

"Dr. Fantasy is a great party host, and a master of several complicated high dives into large cakes."
Harrison Ford[src]

"Doctor Fantasy" was a persona Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall adopted when performing magic shows during crew parties for the movies he worked on. With the act developed over several years, after 'accidentally' falling into a cake during the wrap party for Raiders of the Lost Ark, it became a tradition for Marshall (as Doctor Fantasy) to do the same on the subsequent Indiana Jones pictures: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.[1] The character was eventually referenced on-screen in Last Crusade towards the climax of the film's young Indiana Jones sequence.[2]


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