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Dunkelvolk was a fanatical follower of Doctor Matthias Jäger and eagerly helped him during the search for the Philosopher's Stone in 1947.


In 1947, Dunkelvolk was hired by Doctor Matthias Jäger to help him and his goons search for the Philosopher's Stone to resurrect an army of Nazi soldiers. During his quest, Dunkelvolk was captured by Soviet forces and locked in a prison where he met American archaeologist Indiana Jones. After watching Jones escape from prison, Dunkelvolk pleaded with Indy to release him as well, promising him a great reward but Indy denied him his freedom. However, Dunkelvolk managed to get out eventually.

Dunkelvolk ran afoul of Indy in Ireland and failed to locate a fragment of the stone which was then in Jones' possession. Hoping to please his master, Dunkelvolk captured Soviet Major Nadia Kirov and presented her to Jäger. As Jäger started up the resurrection ceremony in a tower, Dunkelvolk attempted to kill Indy who had arrived to stop it. Completely berserk, Dunkelvolk ended up being thrown off a balcony by Indy and impaled on the crucifix of a statue.

Behind the scenes[]

Like most of the characters present in Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix, Dunkelvolk was originally meant to appear in the game of the same name shelved by LucasArts from which the comic was adapted.

While Dunkelvolk's role in the original Iron Phoenix story was largely the same as that of the comic book, there were some differences that didn't make it into the published story. The game's design documents originally identified the character as a muscled, ruthless, dead-eyed thug, but in the comic Dunkelvolk is a less physically imposing figure.

Dunkelvolk also had two henchmen named Hans and Fritz (the former taking a swim care of Nadia Kirov) and Dunkelvolk's death was different. Instead of killing Dukelvolk from the balcony, Indiana Jones was to simply defeat Dunkelvolk in their fight and leave him unconscious to face the resurrected Adolf Hitler. His demise was implied when the Bolivian tower in which the Philosopher's Stone's ceremony took place collapsed following Hitler's ultimate destruction.[1]


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