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"Dusterstadt was chosen to hold you not because of its aesthetics, not because of its geographic location, but because it can not be escaped from."
Otto Richter[src]

Dusterstadt was a maximum security prison in an old castle on the Danube River.


Indiana Jones was incarcerated at Dusterstadt following his failed break out from a German prison camp in 1916. After a failed escape attempt from Dusterstadt itself, during which Russian prisoners of war Leonid and Yuri were killed, Jones finally managed to get free with the help of Charles de Gaulle. De Gaulle was recaptured but Jones proved that, despite commander Otto Richter's assertions otherwise, Dusterstadt was indeed escapable.

Behind the scenes[]

The real De Gaulle was actually imprisoned at Ingolstadt after several escape attempts. So what Lucasfilm Ltd. called "Dusterstadt" in the The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles is Ingolstadt in real life, and it really was used as a prison camp for uprising officers. Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide uses Ingolstadt.

The establishing shot of Dusterstadt – where the boat takes Indy to the prison – is at Orava Castle in Slovakia. Most scenes take place at the Pernštejn Castle in Nedvědice, Czech Republic.


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