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Earth, also known as the world, is a planet.

The Eye on the Globe newsreel used a representation of the Earth for its outro.


According to legend, Agharta was a city of gold situated at the Earth's core.[1] There was also a vast underground civilization reputed to be within the crust of the planet's Southern Hemisphere known as the interior world.[2]

In 1934, the Nazis were in pursuit of Ultima Thule, a realm accessible from the Arctic.[3] Around 1936, Indiana Jones frustrated Plebinheim's attempts to control the "pulse" of the Earth with the Mazatec Power Key.[4] A year later, he investigated the mystery of what linked several archaeological sites around the globe which seemed to form a perfect circle.[5]



(Earth makes an appearance in every Indiana Jones story. Below is an incomplete list of sources in which the planet is depicted from space, mentioned, or represented in some other form.)


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