Edith "Edie" Dunne was a former student of Indiana Jones at Marshall College and the sister of Charlie Dunne.

Biography[edit | edit source]

When the 1936 murder of Charlie Dunne sent Indy on a flight to Krikamibo, Liberia to find Dunne's sister, Edith, and the Ikons of Ikammanen, they were lured into the presence of Solomon Black with the threat of death aboard a ship bound for islands off the coast of Africa. There, Indy and Edith were put ashore and they made their perilous way inland to find the Ikons of Ikammamen. While checking out the golden statues they were attacked by the local natives and captured for the purpose of being gold plated themselves. A distraction permitted them to escape only to be recaptured by Black. Back aboard the ship with the ikons they attempted to escape but failed.

Just then, a submarine torpedoed the ship, and the pair jumped overboard. As Black and the ikons disappeared beneath the waves, Edith and Indy were picked up by a Nazi U-boat and taken to New York. There, Edith and Indy boarded a plane and, during the flight, Indy accused Edith of killing her brother Charlie in order to get all the fame for finding the ikons. The pilot of the plane Jerry revealed his involvement as well, having killed Charlie on her behalf. Indy said the magic words to bring the ikon to life, before he grabbed a parachute and abandoned Jerry and Edith to the wrath of the ikon.

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