Edwin Gruber was a German doctor and Nazi officer. His final mission was to find the secret Haitian formula used to create invincible men and secure it for the Reich.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Prior to the summer of 1943, he had worked his way through the Nazi SS ranks, having served in the Waffen-SS Medical Corps, and was a founding member of the Röntgensturmbann SS-HA in the Hauptamt X-Ray Battalion. Colonel Doktor Gruber was personally sent by Adolf Hitler to investigate rumors of people invulnerable to bullets in Haiti, and if possible, recover the formula. He hoped that the successful completion of his mission would allow him to leave the tropics, which he despised for the heat, rain, and poor taste in alcohol.[1]

By the summer of 1943, he was stationed in Port-au-Prince, in the guise of a Dutch sisal buyer, while a squad of soldiers led by Schäefer hidden in the Dominican Republic was only a radio call away, and well aware that the visiting Chinese scholar was actually a Japanese spy, Yamada Hajime. When his local contact, Henri reported that an American and a Brit had arrived from Saint-Marc, inquiring about Zile Muri-yo, he began to prepare to follow the pair, believing that they had a clue to the location of the supernatural strength formula. After the pair had left town with a local woman, Gruber forced Henri to confess the details of their departure, and then shot and killed his informant. Traveling to the airport, he learned that Yamada had already left for Marigot, and radioed his troops to meet him at Jacmel. Flying solo to the rendezvous point, he met up with Schäefer and his troops and traveled by boat to Zile Muri-yo.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Edwin Gruber was fluent in Dutch due to his grandmother's Flemish heritage, and he also knew English well, and some French, Italian and Japanese. A loyal supporter for the Nazi cause, especially in the superiority of the German people, Gruber was also smart enough not to underestimate opponents of "inferior" races.[1]

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