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Egypt is a country located in northeastern Africa.

Egypt was home to Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir and his family as well as the location of Tanis. Indiana Jones visited the country several times in his life.

Adventures in Egypt[]

Indiana Jones first visited Egypt with his family in 1908 as part of his father's world lecture tour.[1]

It was in 1913 when Jones and the Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir met and became friends at the Great Pyramids.[2]

As a spy in World War I, Jones worked in Egypt during his attempts to prevet a German agent from buying an advanced Gatling gun.[3]

Jones and Sallah uncovered the Ark of the Covenant at Tanis in 1936.[4]

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Behind the scenes[]

Despite how much of the second act of Raiders of the Lost Ark takes place in Egypt, the on-location Cairo and Tanis scenes were actually shot in Tunisia. Associate producer Robert Watts reasoned that if the movie wasn't going to show distinctive Egyptian landmarks like the Great Sphinx, the Pyramids or the Nile river, there was no need to actually film there as Tunisia was a more convenient option for production.[5][6]



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