Elizabeth "Beth" Cody was the granddaughter of Buffalo Bill.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 1936, following the theft of Buffalo Bill's golden guns from the Buffalo Bill Museum, Beth went to the State Department. There, Efrem Decker recommended to her that Marshall College Archaeology Professor Indiana Jones could help retrieve the guns. At Marshall College, Beth told him about how a Russian Count named Salkovich demanded to buy the guns from the Museum. She and Decker were then able to convince Dr. Jones to help them retrieve the guns.[1]

Beth and Jones then went to Russia through the Southern Ukraine. However, enroute to Russia they were stopped by Cossacks under Peter Rostoff, who offered his assistance in helping them retrieve the guns. Beth then pulled out her 44-40 Winchester Rifle and shot a couple of Red Cavalry soldiers before escaping. However, at the Cossak camp, one of the soldiers, Ilya Pugachev kidnapped Beth to "entertain" her. Beth was the rescued by Dr. Jones and the pair were then brought before Ataman Uri Rostoff, who told the true story of how Buffalo Bill had acquired the golden guns. Rostoff then offered his and the Cossacks' help to Beth.[1]

Beth then saved Jones from being "drawn and quartered" by Pugachev, who revealed himself to be on of Salkovich's spies. She was able to shoot Jones free. After that, Beth, Peter, and the Cossacks then went Salkovich's estate. There Beth, Jones, and a couple of Cossacks snuck into the main building. However, they were then confronted by Count Salkovich and Pugachev armed with the golden guns. Beth was then offered by Salkovich to be given to Pugachev. Beth then ran into a Aviary. There Beth was able to kill Pugachev, by having the birds push him out of the window. She then rejoined Jones, but could not escape the same way.[1]

Both Beth and Jones were then rescued by Peter just as a bomb went off, killing Salkovich. When they got back to the Cossack camp, Beth and Peter had contest in front of Ataman Rostoff. She allowed his grandson to win and gave him the guns. After the Ataman died, Beth was then given the golden guns as gratitude by Peterfor honoring his grandfather's wishes. She and Jones then left and returned to the States.[1]

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