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"You have very pretty ankles, Lizzie."
―Indiana Jones[src]

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ravenall was the last member of a prominent Carolina family that wound up penniless after the Civil War.


In the spring of 1913, Elizabeth Ravenall traveled to Washington DC to convince noted Civil War historian Zachary Walton to helping her track down her lost family fortune, entrusted by her grandfather to his kitchen slave, Harriet Robinson. Indiana Jones, visiting Walton with his father, helped Lizzie locate Robinson and recover her inheritance, hidden in a secret room in her ancestral home.

Lizzie's status as a young, unmarried woman presented a legal obstacle, however, and she was only able to claim her grandfather's legacy after Dr. Walton offered to be appointed her guardian. The experience stirred Lizzie's passion for women's rights. As she started classes at Georgetown University, she became involved with the Congressional Union, an organization dedicated to women's suffrage. When Dr. Walton learned of her participation in the group's often inflammatory demonstrations, he became concerned for Lizzie's safety and urged her to transfer to Barnard College in New York City. She met more activists there, however, including millionaire suffragette Minna Frobisher.

In the spring of 1914, Minna's brother Wilfred, embarrassed by his sister's politically inconvenient associates, arranged to have Lizzie expelled from Barnard. Professor Jones interceded, agreeing to act as Lizzie's guardian and subdue her contentious behavior in order to prevent the expulsion.

Later that year, Lizzie took a break from classes and spent the fall in Honolulu with her classmate Constanze Rademacher. There, she met the Joneses again, on their way to an engagement in China. Indy and Lizzie, with the help of Lizzie's Hawaiian friend Mike Halani, discovered and derailed a German plot to disrupt British trade routes in the Pacific.