"You're a petty bureaucrat with a gun."
―Indiana Jones[src]

Emile Rostand was a captain in the French army, stationed in French Equatorial Africa during World War I.

In January 1917, Captain Rostand was ordered to detain Albert and Helene Schweitzer and escort them back to Port-Gentil under the general order that German nationals in French territory were to be deported back to Europe. When he arrived at Lambaréné in a patrol boat, Dr. Schweitzer was returning from a medical call, with Indiana Jones. Despite Schweitzer's and Jones' pleas that Schweitzer had done nothing but treat the sick, Rostand was firm in his orders.

When Jones argued that it would be better if Rostand and his troops accompanied him and his shipment of arms to Lake Tanganyika for assaulting Tabora, Rostand informed Jones and Remy Baudouin that Tabora had already fallen. After Jones and Baudouin physically tried to intervene, Rostand ordered his sergeant to restrain the Belgian officers with orders to shoot, while taking the Schweitzers into custody. When Jones asked what would happen to Schweitzer's patients, left without a doctor, Rostand merely ordered his crew to cast off.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Christian Cloarec played the role of Captain Rostand in the episode "Congo, January 1917" of the The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

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