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"Let me tell you what are you missing, Dr. Jones. While you were playing your pointless game, I was playing you. You're wondering if maybe you should have built yourself a life of meaning, instead of ending up here, dead and forgotten in the sands of Africa."
―Emmerich Voss to Indiana Jones[src]

Emmerich Voss was a Nazi psychologist encountered the American archaeologist Indiana Jones by October 1937.


Emmerich Voss was associated with the special antiquities divisions of the Nazi bureaucracy.[1] Around October 1937,[2] he formed an uneasy alliance with Wehrmacht colonel Viktor Gantz as part of Voss' pursuit of relics connected to the mystery of the Great Circle. While Gantz was skeptical of occultism, Voss was able to manipulate him into being a useful ally.[1]

At some point, Voss and his men managed to get most of Indiana Jones—who also taken an interest in the pattern linking several global archaeological sites to each other—buried under the African desert and taunted him over being outsmarted. Putting himself face to face with the man, Voss assessed the American archaeologist to be wondering if he should have built a life of meaning instead of meeting his end in Africa's lands. In response, Jones headbutted the Nazi in his already bandaged nose.[2]

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Behind the scenes[]

"He is searching for those major mysteries and those things that are unknown to the rest of the world. That's a big part of what's driving him. So when it comes to that obsession, they are very much alike. I think that that's the key element here that makes this a very, very interesting antagonist for Indiana Jones."
Jerk Gustafsson, on Emmerich Voss' characterization.[src]

Concept art of Emmerich Voss.

Emmerich Voss will appear in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, voiced by renowned German dubbing voice actor Marios Gavrilis in both English and German.[3][4]

The creative team have called Voss one of their favorite villains, describing him as an "intensely psychological" and "highly intelligent" man obsessed with the human mind and how to manipulate it, serving as the perfect foil for Indiana Jones due to both being brilliant people compelled by their obsessions and passions albeit driven down two wildly different roads. The aim is for the character to get under the player's skin as he does with Indy. The game's developer direct displayed some concept art of Voss as well.[2]



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