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The Enemy Soldier was encountered by Indiana Jones on his adventures. Multipurpose and deadly, these soldiers were tough and fearless, though always the first to fall to pieces in battle.


  • Guards: Typical foot soldiers used for patrolling and posted in guard stations. (Raiders, Crusade)
  • Officers: Tasked with commanding small groups of soldiers, they carry pistols and grenades. (Raiders, Crusade)
  • Radio Operators: Similar in rank to Officers, they can be found at different secret bases. (Crusade)
  • Desert Troopers: Soldiers used in desert operations. (Raiders, Crusade)
  • Bikers: Standard soldiers equipped with helmets and motorcycles, specializing in attacks from vehicles. (Crusade)
  • Snipers: Special soldiers armed with sniper rifles, trained for deadly precision. (Crusade)
  • Heavy: Troopers armed with rocket-propelled grenades. (Raiders, Crusade)