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England is the most populous and most culturally dominant of the countries that form the United Kingdom. Located on the southern part of the island of Great Britain, it borders both Wales and Scotland, and is close to France to the south, across the English Channel.

Adventures in England[]

English Countryside

The English countryside in 1916.

Indiana Jones visited England many times in his life. As a young boy, he met his tutor-to-be, Helen Seymour in Oxford before she joined his family on his father's lecture tour.[1] During World War I, Jones visited London and Oxford again, when he enlisted in the Belgian army.[2] After the war, he briefly rested in London with Remy Baudouin before setting off to find the Peacock's Eye.[3]

In 1945, Jones traveled to Glastonbury to help his father thwart a plot by the Nazi officer Dieterhoffmann to assemble the Spear of Longinus. Jones and his companions fled from Glastonbury to Wales before being captured.[4]

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