Enrique was a Costa Rican man who was in charge of a group of laborers working at the Amalgamated Fruit Industries banana plantation in Palmar Sur, Costa Rica. He had a mustache and a truck.

Adventures with Indiana JonesEdit

In the summer of 1941, Enrique was conversing with a group of workers when he was approached by a man who introduced himself as a Canadian geologist. When the stranger asked about the local discovery of a set of strange stone spheres, Enrique confirmed their existence nearby, and hired himself out as a guide.

Taking the 'geologist' out in his truck to see The Three Sisters, Enrique told his guest everything he knew about the stone spheres, including different theories as to their origins, and attempts made to get the stones to yield rumored hidden treasures. When they arrived at the site, Enrique waited in the truck while his guest examined the spheres. As the 'geologist' explored the spheres, Enrique paid no attention and got bored in the truck. After the 'geologist' finished his work, Enrique brought him back to the plantation airstrip, having recommended an local inn with passable food.

The next morning, Enrique was questioned by the newly arrived Major Nichols of the US Army about the whereabouts of Indiana Jones. Enrique directed Nichols to the inn that he had recommended to his guest.


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