"Ethiopia! The kingdom of Sheba!"
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Ethiopia (previously known as Abyssinia) is a country in the east of Africa.

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In legend, Ethiopia was said to have been founded by Menelik, the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, and took the Ark of the Covenant with him.[1]

Crusader Prester John discovered Ethiopia in the 12th century while wandering the Earth having grown tired of battle. The people of a kingless land saw the Crusader as a gift from the heavens and made him their monarch, reputedly establishing the first Christian kingdom in Africa, and was ruler in 1159. His people gave him a sword that bestowed immortality to its wielder so long as the king ruled wisely and fairly and guarded against war and betrayal. Marco Polo claimed that Prester John lived until the 13th century when he was killed by Genghis Khan.[1]

In 1935, Ethiopia was invaded by Italy with Addis Ababa taken the following year.[2] The country remained part of Italian East Africa until 1941.[1] Benito Mussolini's Fascists stole the Axum Obelisk from Ethiopia and took it back to Rome, Italy.[3]

In the winter of 1938, Indiana Jones and George Ballantyne journeyed to Ethiopia in search of Ballatyne's kidnapped father and the treasure of Sheba.



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