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The Etruscan civilization existed in the north of Italy and grew out of the region of Tuscany, lasting from around 700 BC100 BC. Calling themselves Rasna, the Etruscans were known to the Ancient Greeks as Tyrrhenians and to the Romans as Tusci or Etrusci (from which Tuscany gets its name).

For a time, Rome was ruled by the Etruscans, including Tarquin the Proud who became the last of Rome's seven kings when he was overthrown by the city's Latin population in 509 BC.

In 1938, Henry Jones, Sr. judged antiquities collector Walter Donovan to be a man who would sell his mother for an Etruscan vase. Indiana Jones recognized that Estrucan artifacts were among the pieces collected at the Temple of Akator in South America in 1957, leading to his observation that the interdimensional beings were archaeologists.

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