Captain Evelyn Briggs Baldwin was a polar explorer.


Evelyn Briggs Baldwin first encountered Indiana Jones while giving a lecture at the University of Chicago. The then graduate student asked Baldwin if any artifacts from an advanced ancient civilization had been found in the high Arctic. Baldwin was taken aback by the question, one no-one had ever asked him before, but lied and said no when he knew better.

In 1934, after months of being trailed by Nazis for his knowledge of Vril, Baldwin was run down on the streets of Washington DC by members of the Thule Society. Dying, Baldwin remembered Jones and managed to find his way to New Jersey and located him. He gave the man a box he believed to be from the civilization before dying of a fractured skull in a hospital.

The New York Times reported on his death at the age of seventy-one.

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The historical Evelyn Briggs Baldwin died in 1933. Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth author Max McCoy acknowledges the chronological inconsistency in the book's Afterword.


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