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There are two conflicting canon sources for this article, from Indiana Jones and the Sword of Excalibur and Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Templars. A cohesive timeline has not yet been devised by Lucasfilm Ltd. Editor discretion is advised.
"The power of ancient Excalibur can only be evoked when the weapon is used in the cause of justice, truth and good..."
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Excalibur was the famed sword of King Arthur.


According to legend, Excalibur came from a lake and was passed from Uther to the stone and from there to Uther's son Arthur. Excalibur was placed in a tomb in London which was lost for hundreds of years after it became submerged by the Wallbrook river.

During the Blitz, the bombings near St. Paul's gave access to the river and Indiana Jones sought the sword. However, after gaining permission to explore the site, Jones found that centuries-old Cult of Morgana had designs on Excalibur.

With scuba gear, the cultists found the tomb but Jones collected the artifact out from under them. Jones managed to escape into the Thames with help from Excalibur, which seemingly moved with a will of its own, and the archaeologist saw that the artifact went on display.

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Excalibur is sought out in both Indiana Jones and the Sword of Excalibur and the Indiana Jones and the Sword in the Stone portion of Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Templars. However, the narratives contradict each other. The parties searching for Excalibur, and the location and fate of the artifact differ. Tomb of the Templars takes place in the aftermath of the 1936 abdication of King Edward VIII while Sword in the Stone is set during the London Blitz (19401941) of World War II.

LucasArts considered setting an Indiana Jones game around Excalibur but felt the artifact limited the potential avenues for globetrotting to England so chose instead to develop a story about the Atlantis legend.[1]

Excalibur is also featured in the fan script titled Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur.



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