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The Expanded Adventures is a term used to encompass all officially licensed Indiana Jones spin-off material beyond the theatrical movies such as the television series, novels, comics and video games. A variation of the term "Expanded Universe" (which was formerly used for material beyond the core, episodic movies of George Lucas' Star Wars franchise), it was coined for Indiana Jones by Lucasfilm Ltd.'s Indycron continuity database administrator Leland Chee on his blog dated September 10, 2007.[1]

The Expanded Adventures are actually older than the movies themselves, with the Raiders of the Lost Ark novelization introducing content that was not present in the screenplay and published two months before the film's June 1981 theatrical release. The first original storyline was Marvel Comics' "The Ikons of Ikammanen" for The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones in 1982.

On April 25, 2014, it was announced that the Star Wars Expanded Universe was no longer canonical and would instead be rebranded as Star Wars Legends to allow The Walt Disney Company–which acquired Lucasfilm in 2012–greater freedom to explore new storylines without conflicts in anticipation of the then-upcoming Star Wars sequel trilogy. Whether or not a similar restructuring will, or has already taken place, with the Indiana Jones Expanded Adventures in anticipation of Disney-helmed Indiana Jones content has yet to be specified.[2]

However, Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar opened in 2015 with references to earlier Expanded Adventure works, indicating that some material, at least in part, has been retained in continuity. Nevertheless, on August 22, 2017, in answer to a fan question about the Expanded Adventures' canonicity on his Twitter account, Chee indicated that the issue was still to be determined.[3]

Jonathan Kasdan, son of Raiders writer Lawrence Kasdan and who was originally attached to write the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones installment, has knowledge about of some of the Expanded Adventures as demonstrated on his Twitter account, in which he made references to some The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles episodes and the novel Indiana Jones and the Mystery of Mount Sinai.[4]

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