'' But choose wisely. For as the true

Grail will bring you life, the false Grail

shall take it from you.''

the Grail Knight to Walter Donovan

The False holy grail was one of the

many false grails that sat upon the altar

before the Grail Knight. The false holy

grail, like many of the other fakes, was

was made of pure gold and was also

bejeweled with emeralds.

The false holy grail, like the others

would take the life away from those who

chose poorly. When Walter Donovan asked Dr. Elsa Schneider which grail was the true

Holy Grail, Elsa purposely handed him the false holy grail so he would die and so she

could have the true Holy Grail. After assuring himself that the false Grail was infact the cup

of the King of Kings, he filled it with water and took a drink from it, expecting eternal life. But to his horror, he instead began to age and then rot. He raised his arms and tried to choke Elsa, only to be pushed into the wall by Indiana Jones, leaving nothing but bones.

After Indiana Jones had recovered the true Grail, Elsa tried to walk out of the

Temple of the Grail with it, causing the temple to collapse. The false holy grail had been

buried along with the other false grails and the true Holy Grail.

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