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"You know, I laugh every time I see Mussolini in the newsreels. He is such a stiff-armed clown. But they'd like to resurrect the days of Imperial Rome, and that is not such a funny thought."
―British milkman[src]

Fascism is a totalitarian nationalist ideology that became the basis of several major regimes, including Fascist Italy under Benito Mussolini whose regime was emulated by Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler and other regimes and movements. In these countries it typically espoused aspirations to make their nation a civilization and empire through war. Fascism is militarist and demanding strict obedience and discipline by its supporters and society at large to a fascist regime and crushing of all dissent to it.

Mussolini founded the Fascist movement in World War I and began establishing a Fascist state when he became prime minister of Italy in 1922 with a view to resurrecting the Roman Empire in a modern-day Italian Empire. Hitler adopted elements of Italian Fascism for the Nazi cause such as the Brownshirts, inspired by Mussolini's Blackshirts.


Indiana Jones encountered Italian Fascists several times as they, like the German Nazis, held interest in archaeology and mysticism.

Fascists beat the Italian scholar Codirolli to death in 1926.[1]

In 1928, Jones wondered if he would be branded a Fascist by his colleagues when he competed with and was captured by anti-Fascist Mafioso Diego Calderone over the alicorn. Jones fled Calerdone's residence with the artifact but the gangster was killed by Fascist soldiers when orders came from Il Duce for his arrest.[2]

Jones encountered Fascist minister of the archaic Leonardo Sarducci in 1933 while searching for the Philosopher's Stone.[3] When Jones arrived in Venice looking for his missing father in 1938, his pleasure at being in the city was subdued when he witnessed Fascist militiamen attacking a man.[4]

On exiting Vatican City in 1941, Jones found himself trapped between Blackshirts led by Rudolfo Grazieni and Nazi forces under Helmut von Mephisto.[5]

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