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On top of the circus train.

Fedora's Gang was a group of treasure hunters led by Garth that recovered the Cross of Coronado in 1912 from a site in Utah. After young Indiana Jones stole the artifact from them, they chased him across the desert and on a circus train, finally recovering the Cross at his house, with the help of the Sheriff. They were hired by Panama Hat.


In 1912[1] Garth,[2] a man known as "Fedora", was hired alongside his gang[1] of treasure hunters[3] by Panama Hat to retrive the Cross of Coronado in a cave in Utah. Their recovery was briefly interrupted by Indiana Jones, who took the Cross and attempted to bring it to the sheriff[1] of Moab.[4] Fedora and his gang, alongside Panama Hat, managed to reach the sheriff and presented their version of events, indicating that Panama Hat was the Cross' rightful owner and had six witnesses to prove it. At the Jones residence Roscoe took the Cross out to Panama Hat, and he handed over the payment to the gang.[1]


During his youth Indy produced a comic titled Young Indiana Jones and the Cross of Coronado, recounting his attempt to acquire the Cross of Coronado from Fedora's treasure-hunters.[5]

In 1943, during World War II, Jones told his friend George McHale the story of how he acquired his fedora when he was a boy scout and discovered Garth and his men robbing the Cross of Coronado.[6]

Gang members[]

Behind the scenes[]

Many of the names of the characters in the group were script names that are more descriptive than an indication of the character's actual name. There was also one unnamed member of the gang, who drove the truck that gave chase to Indiana Jones in the Utah desert, until Jones boarded the circus train.[1]

In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game the antagonists in the first level, an adaptation of the Last Crusade prologue are represented by three generic types of character: one bears a resemblance to Fedora but the other two, a dungaree-wearing rope climber and a Native American, have no clear visual ties to the film's gang members. Roscoe appears on the level's title screen in a still from the movie.[7]

In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, Roscoe and Fedora's truck driver are absent, leaving Fedora, Rough Rider and Half Breed as the only gang members who appear both in the film and in the game. Fedora fulfils Roscoe's role as the one who finds the Cross of Coronado, while Rough Rider takes the place of the truck driver by driving the gang's truck while chasing Indy and Herman Mueller.[8] In the sequel, however, all of the treasure hunters are absent from the story as the whole Young Indy sequence is omitted. Nevertheless, Fedora still appears in a photograph.[9]



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