"Neither the Communists nor A.P.R.A will ever gain freedom for Peru from the Europeans and their oligarchical puppets! With our Neo-Incan empire we will throw them all out and rule ourselves."
Felipe Uribe[src]

Felipe Uribe was a notorious playboy living in Buenos Aires and eventually the ambitious leader of an Incan revival movement in Peru. In 1937, Felipe and his sister Francisca lured Indiana Jones to his headquarters near Lake Titicaca with stories about the golden Chimu Taya Arms of Cuzco, with the intent of settling a family grudge: Felipe's father Andrés accused Jones of stealing the Pu-Abi Harp from him at the Royal Tombs of Ur in 1922. Jones escaped, but Felipe followed him to the temple where the Arms of Gold were hidden. Felipe was killed in an earthquake that interrupted the ceremony intended to harness the power of the famed artifact.

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