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"I don't hit women... but in your case... I'll make an exception."
Indiana Jones[src]

The Feng Twins were a pair of seductive yet deadly bodyguards of Black Dragon Triad crimelord Marshal Kai Ti Chang. Mei Mei, who dressed in red, and her green-clothed sister used razor-sharp handfans and advanced martial arts skills to protect their master.


In 1935, when Chinese intelligence agent Mei Ying, who posed as Marshal Kai Ti Chang's secretary, revealed her true allegiance, the Feng Twins were the ones who witnessed it and reported back to their master. They also flanked Chang when he and the Nazi Albrecht von Beck got into an argument.

When Indiana Jones tried to free the captive Mei Ying from her cell in the Black Dragon fortress, he was confronted by the Feng Twins.

Indiana Jones battles the sisters.

While Mei Mei was reluctant to fight Jones on the grounds that "he looks like fun", she was convinced her sister to put business before pleasure. Jones too was reluctant to physically attack the women, but soon realized that it would be a fight for his life.

Despite their advanced skills, the Feng Twins were defeated by Jones. When he moved to release Mei Ying, however, a trap door opened beneath the archaeologist and he fell into the Temple of Kong Tien.