Fialar was a demonic dwarf from Teutonic mythology with rocky skin and claws who had murdered Kvasir and turned his blood into an elixer that granted inspiration. Despite being a little over a meter tall, Fialar could stretch his limbs and although he resided in a netherworld, he had once roamed the Earth and sought to return.

During the mayorship of Fiorello LaGuardia in New York, cultists dedicated to Fialar looked to summon the demon with three artifacts — the Al Amir, the Scroll of Santara and a sword that Fialar was particularly vulnerable to — stolen from different New York establishments for use in a ritual that would bring about Fialar's return.

A human sacrifice was prepared in a wooded glade in the Catskill Mountains and during the ritual a hole was ripped open in space that allowed Fialar to reach through. Caring little for the cult, Fialar pulled their high priest screaming to his doom but Fialar's emergence from the gateway was impeded by a group of adventurers following up the theft of the Al Amir.

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