Field of Death is the second young adult adaptation of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles published by Random House. Released in 1992, the book adapted the episode "Verdun, September 1916".

Publisher's summaryEdit

Young Indiana Jones will do anything to be where the action is!

A new name, a new birth date, a new identity get him to France and right into the thick of World War I.

As Corporal Henri Defense, a Belgian courier, Indy carries messages between two different wars: The safe war at staff headquarters, where generals plan battles on the maps. And the real war in the trenches of Verdun, where soldiers die in appalling numbers.

Indy is horrified by what he sees. And he's desperate when he learns his wounded buddy, Remy, is being sent back to the trenches. How can he save Remy from certain death?

Young Indiana Jones—you've seen him on TV in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, traveling the world as a kid and a teen, encountering some of the best minds and biggest events in history. Now read about him as he defies the dangers of World War I, based on the television episode "Verdun, September 1916"!




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