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The Fighter Plane Chase occurred in 1938 when Indiana Jones and his father fled their Nazi pursuers from a flight out of Germany.


Following the Joneses' successful infiltration of a Berlin Nazi rally, during which Indiana Jones was able to retrieve his father's Grail Diary from Elsa, the two arrived at an airport where they purchased tickets for the first available flight out of Germany via zeppelin. Before the zeppelin D-138 departed, Indiana and his father encountered Colonel Vogel, who boarded the airship in search of the two men. However, Indy was able to punch him and throw him off the airship. During the flight, the Joneses studied the Grail Diary until Indy noticed that the zeppelin turning back.[1]

Not wanting to be recaptured, they escaped the zeppelin in a small aircraft, D-EKVY. However, they were attacked by two Pilatus P-2s. The younger Jones directed his father to use the machine gun mounted on the back but, unfamiliar with the weapon, Henry accidentally shot the aircraft's tail, which he blamed on the Nazi pilots. The aircraft crashed into a farm. Father and son then escaped from the wreckage and took cover from their attackers.[1]

Nearby, an elderly man was repairing his Citroën 11 Légère Cabriolet and observed the fighter planes overhead, only for his car to be stolen by Indy and his father. The Joneses were then chased by both aircraft. However, as the car headed into a tunnel, one of the planes followed, destroying its wings and killing its pilot when the plane overshot its target and exploded.[1]

Upon the car exiting the tunnel, the other fighter plane dropped a bomb in the road, creating a crater that caught the Jones car. The father and son then headed to a beach on foot where Indy discovered that he was out of ammo for his gun. As he tried to figure out how to fend off the final plane, his father then used his umbrella to scare a group of sea birds which flew up into the plane's propeller, sending the aircraft into a mountainside. The two then left the beach and eventually rendezvoused with Sallah in Iskenderun.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

In the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure, a total of 18 Nazi fighters appear in an arcade sequence, attacking the player on their way out of Germany. Destroying each three of them, brings the player farther out of Germany and bypasses one ground checkpoint.[2]



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