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The First Mate is a rank that, among pirates, traditionally denoted the second in command behind the captain.

After serving as a cabin steward during his childhood, Simon Katanga eventually became First Mate of the Bantu Wind, taking the rank of captain by 1936 after the previous captain was killed in a gunfight during a smuggling run.[1]

When Bill Lawton overthrew The Sea Witch and usurped control of her pirate crew in 1939, he told conman New Jersey Jones that he was now his new First Mate though only because he was confident that New Jersey would simply be too scared to betray him.[2]

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LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures identifies the Messenger Pirate from Raiders of the Lost Ark as First Mate of the Bantu Wind. Whether or not this indicates that the man holds the same position in the film itself is unclear.



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