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Flensburg is a town in northern Germany, on the border with Denmark. Connected by the Flensburg Fjord to the Baltic Sea, the town was founded prior to 1200 by Danish settlers. It remained part of Denmark until the region was passed to Prussia (later Germany) in 1864, though it maintains a Danish minority.

During World War II, Flensburg was mostly untouched by the war. In May 1945, after the death of Adolf Hitler and the fall of Berlin, appointed President Karl Dönitz brought the civilian German government to Flensburg until they were arrested by British forces later in the month, making Flensburg the temporary capital of Germany.

Adventures in Flensburg[]

At some point during World War I, Indiana Jones and Remy Baudouin traveled to Flensburg.[1]

In 1945. toward the close of World War II, Jones and George McHale served as agents in Flensburg during the final action, where they faced a difficult situation, perhaps involving capture. Jones recorded his presence in Flensburg in his journal.[1]

In 1957, when the pair were captured by the Soviets at Mexico searching some coastal Mayan ruins, they compared their situation to their experiences in Flensburg.[2]



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