Flirting with Danger - The Fantasy of Mata Hari is a companion historical documentary that accompanies Chapter 9: Demons of Deception in The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. It appears on Disc 2 of Volume 2 with a run-time of 29 minutes, 53 seconds.

Official summary[edit | edit source]

A palpable tension held its grip on Paris in 1917. It was the third disastrous year of World War I. France was losing badly -- and looking for someone to blame. In mid-February, word spread through the city that one of the most famous women in Europe had been arrested and accused of spying for Germany -- France's enemy in the war. Her name was Mata Hari.

Summary[edit | edit source]

A biography of Mata Hari, focusing on how she became made herself into a celebrity and master of seduction, and her role in German and French intelligence during World War I. The documentary examines the effort by French intelligence to discredit her and her trial and execution.

Credits[edit | edit source]

Produced and Written by Jennifer Petrucelli.

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