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A Flower Girl sold her wares on the streets of Venice, Italy in 1938.


In 1938, in Venice, Italy, a Flower Girl was selling flowers from her stall when an American in a suit and fedora stole a single flower for a blonde Austrian as they passed by, without the girl noticing.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Flower Girl

Flower Girl's customer.

The Flower Girl was played by Nina Armstrong for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, credited as Nina Almond, though she doesn't appear in the final film as all that remains of the role is an elderly customer at the flower stall talking to an individual off-screen.[1] Almond is the daughter of Indiana Jones stunt performers Vic Armstrong and Wendy Leech.

In the comic book adaptation by Marvel Comics, the Flower Girl is absent, as Indiana Jones doesn't steal any flowers for Elsa Schneider as they walk through Venice's streets.[2]


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