The Fountain of Youth was a spring that was said to have rejuvenating powers to restore the vitality of those who drank from it.


In 1933, when Penelope Angstrom asked Indiana Jones if the Fountain of Youth existed, he replied that it was a "universal myth" and mentioned that Ponce de León had went searching for it in Florida while the Central American Indians thought it was located in the Bahamas.[1]

Jones later took up the search for the Fountain in Florida in 1938 with assistance from Jock Lindsey but had little success beyond Jock wanting to visit the Saint Augustine tourist attraction.[2] Around 1939, the archaeologist journeyed to South America, where the Fountain was believed to be guarded by a crystal skull within an Aztec temple[3] discovered by the League of Adventurers.[4]

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During the initial development of the third Indiana Jones movie, George Lucas wrote a treatment wherein the Fountain of Youth was the story's MacGuffin. However, Lucas dropped the idea in favor of the immortal peaches from Chinese mythology before development eventually turned to what became Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.[5]

According to one popular legend, the fountain was sought in 1513 by Ponce de León in what is now Florida. The 'artifact' also appears as the titular MacGuffin in fan audio production Indiana Jones and the Well of Life.



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