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Sir Francis Beresford-Hope was an archaeologist who searched for the Tomb of the Gods in the 1930s.


Francis Beresford-Hope was an acquaintance of Marcus Brody, when they were both at Oxford. At some point after, Beresford-Hope earned a title and had an affluent life and family, including his son Alex.

In 1931, along with Marwell O'Brien and Henrik Mellberg, he recovered an artifact related to the Tomb of the Gods in a diamond mine at the Popigai Crater, north of Norilsk, Siberia. The three gathered twelve more men to follow the map on the round disc, and reached the Tomb of the Gods. Only Beresford-Hope, Marwell, and O'Brien survived the expedition, and according to his son, Alex, all three men had lost their sanity. Realizing the secrets they had found, the three discoverers split the key into three pieces, and each kept a piece and moved to different parts of the world, to prevent the pieces from falling into the wrong hands.

By 1934, he had moved to Tibet, where he lived in a cave not far from Lhasa and locals knew him as the "crazy Englishman" who bought ammo and beer. He also scrawled the walls and ceiling of his home with crazy notations and images about the key and a map. That year, his son, Alex, went to find out why his father had left his previous life to live in a cave -- only to discover that Beresford-Hope truly was insane. In 1935, Beresford-Hope died of a combination of the insanity and alcohol. Realizing that his father's piece must be protected, Alex guarded his father's piece of the key and cave -- never knowing exactly what the key opened.

In 1936, after Mellberg entrusted Indiana Jones with the quest of preventing the Nazis from collecting all three pieces of the key, Jones and Brody flew to Tibet in June in search of Beresford-Hope and found his cave and marveled at the sanity of the man who had drawn the images all over the walls. While the two were still inside, someone threw dynamite into the cave.

When Brody emerged from the cave, the assailant drew a rifle on him. Jones used his whip to seize the weapon, and their bald attacker revealed himself as Beresford-Hope. Realizing that the man could not be Francis, Brody and Jones surmised that it was his son, who then recounted his father's last years.