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"Spaniards didn't wear burial masks."
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Francisco de Orellana's Death Mask was a golden burial mask placed with conquistador Francisco de Orellana[2] after the man was killed in 1546 by the guardians of a cemetery overlooking the Nazca Plain.[1]

When Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams found the mask on Orellana's body at his tomb in 1957,[2] Jones was unsettled, aware that Spaniards didn't wear burial masks. The discovery of the Crystal Skull of Akator hidden behind Orellana's corpse gave Jones the thought that the mask, along with the others treasures like the skull carried by Orellana and his men, had been stolen from the lost city.[1]

Behind the scenes[]


Death mask prop

Orellana's gold funerary mask was designed by Stan Winston Studio, with a look inspired by the alien from The Man From Planet X, at Steven Spielberg's request.[3]



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