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"Indy! What am I going to tell your dad?"

Frank Jones was Indiana Jones' cousin, the son of Indy's aunt Grace and uncle Fred.


In the spring of 1916, Indy and his father visited Frank and his parents at their ranch outside Albuquerque, New Mexico. Prior to their visit, Frank had mailed Indy a letter claiming he had made a great discovery. Once Indy had arrived, Frank revealed his discovery - an advertisement for a bordello in Mexico, and convinced Indy he had a plan to get them there without their parents knowing.

At breakfast the next morning, the boys got permission to go on a camping trip toward Red Butte, and headed out on foot, hitching rides south toward the border crossing at Columbus. On the way, Indy told his cousin about his archaeological adventures in Egypt, and about Demetrios and Ned. After spending a night under the stars along the road, they reached Columbus early in the morning.

After talking to an old Sentry about where to go for action in Mexico, Frank and Indy came under fire as a raid led by Pancho Villa hit the town.

Behind the scenes[]

Stephen Graf portrayed Frank in Curse of the Jackal, and reprised the role in additional footage shot for the home video release of Spring Break Adventure.

The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones includes a letter from Nancy Stratemeyer to Indiana Jones, addressed to him in New Mexico, care of Frank Jones, which suggests that Frank's last name is Jones - and meaning his father is likely Fred Jones, and his mother is likely Grace Jones.



Notes and references[]

  1. According to South of the Border, Frank was two years older than Indy, therefore born around 1897.