Franz Ferdinand was the archduke and heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary.

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The Emperor denied Franz Ferdinand his wish to marry his future wife because she was not of the Hapsburgs. However, he stormed into the palace asking for her. They married and he became the father of Sophie von Hohenberg. He also vowed that his children would marry whomever they pleased, as long as they were Austrian.[2]

In the winter of 1908, the duke was shocked to learn that a young American, Indiana Jones, had taken his daughter for a "joy ride". He sent a complaint letter to Ambassador Richard Kerens, questioning whether he was abusing his office. He was later surprised to see that same boy arrive at his palace insisting on telling Sophie that he loved her. He admired the boy's commission and courage, seeing his youth in him, but denied him his wish to see her. He ordered Kurt to arrange a carriage to take him back to the American Embassy.

Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by gunshot in 1914, in the Balkans town of Sarajevo. His death served as a catalyst to the tensions between the European states as Austria and Germany threatened Serbia in respomse to his death. France and England joined Russia in protecting Serbia, which eventually led to the outbreak of World War I[3][1]

In some circles it was believed the murder signified the beginning of a century of killing caused by the Knife of Cain.[1]

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