Fred Jones was the husband of Grace Jones and father of Frank - and uncle to Indiana Jones. He lived with his family and several laborers on a ranch near Rancho Bajada del Monte, outside Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Professor Henry Walton Jones, Sr. and his son, Indy, visited Fred and Grace's ranch during the spring of 1916. Grace, Fred, and Frank met the father and son at the train station and escorted them to the ranch. At breakfast the next morning, Fred allowed his son and nephew to go on a camping trip to Red Butte - not knowing that they were really headed to a bordello in Mexico.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Tim Halligan played the role of Uncle Fred in Spring Break Adventure, as part of bridging material between the Princeton story and the Mexico story.

His last name of Jones may be coincidental to Henry Jones, if Grace is the sister of Henry Jones, and Frank goes by Frank Jones (as so addressed in the The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones), then Uncle Fred was a Jones who married another Jones.

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