Fritz was a man allied with Klaus Kerner. In May 1939, following Kerner's success in robbing Indiana Jones and Marcus Brody of a pair of Atlantean artifacts, he wondered aloud where Fritz was as he needed a gateaway car.

Later, in New York, Kerner, having stolen a Sunstone and other artifacts of Atlantean origin from Sophia Hapgood, phoned Fritz to inform him of his success.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fritz is an unseen character. He is neither seen nor mentioned in the comic adaptation of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Curiously, in the 'talkie' version of the video game, the second scene involving Fritz is changed. Although the in-game text indicates that Kerner is talking to Fritz, the voice clearly addresses the person on the phone as "Doctor Ubermann", a completely different character, one who has a major role in the story.

In older versions of the game, the person whom Kerner phones is "Herr Bauer".