Fritz worked as the ticket taker of the zeppelin D-138 in 1938. He was also a skilled boxer who had claim of being a gold medalist at the 1934 Olympics in light-weight boxing.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fritz can be bypassed if Indiana Jones gives him the zeppelin ticket. If not, he can be passed only through a fight, and he proves to be one of the harder adversaries of the game. His name is mentioned only once, by the zeppelin Radioman, when Indy accuses him of stealing something from his room.

Beating him is scored, therefore it is necessary to beat him in order to achieve full Indy Quotient points.

Fritz shares several commonalities with another character, the guard of the Atlantean dungeon in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Both characters are named Fritz, both are extremely difficult to fight, both have alternative ways to pass through, and both have connections to the Olympic Games.


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