G. Codirolli was an Italian scholar, based at Bologna. One of the most eminent researchers on Byzantine history, Codirolli was interested in the legend of the Holy Grail, and became a colleague of Professor Henry Jones.


On one occasion, G. Codirolli claimed that he had escaped a sultan's harem with a improvised rope. He had also discovered documents in a ton box secreted in a wall of the great basilica of St. Sophia in Constantinople. He was in possession of the journal of Paolo of Genoa which he would take to the United States of America on his lecture tour.

In 1912, Codirolli telegraphed Henry Jones about this event and sailed on the maiden voyage of the luxury liner Titanic. Codirolli survived the sinking of the ship.

He visited the Joneses in Las Mesas and told stories of his adventurous life, much to the excitement of young Indiana Jones. He also presented them a document he found in Constantinople depicting a stained glass window , which he left to Henry's disposition for a month until he returned from his lecture tour on the West Coast.

After the Great War, hostile borders and revolution had been no barrier to him as he was able to slip into Constantinople and the Soviet Union. From the ruin of Kaffa, in the Crimea, he found the testament of the Franciscan friar who met the third brother.

In 1926, he was beaten to death in Rome by Fascist thugs after giving them an obscene gesture. An obituary was made in an archaeological journal in 1927, which relayed the news of his death to his friend and colleague, Professor Jones.


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