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Gale Parker, born Mirna Abi Khalil, was a friend and associate of Indiana Jones.


Mirna Abi Khalil was born to a Muslim father with a Mediterranean background and mother Sybil Saunders, a British witch. Growing up with her mother in New Forest, England she became versed in her parent's Wiccan heritage and, learning from others with similar backgrounds, earned a doctorate in ancient cultures at age 24.

By the time she met Indiana Jones, Mirna Abi had adopted the name Gale Parker to hide her father's ethnicity, feeling it revealed far too much information about her. She found Jones studying ruins on one of her trips into the woods and discovered the archaeologist shared as much knowledge as she on Celtic cultures.

Intially she was repulsed to learn he was a professor, believing them impractical in the field and preferring a classroom to the outdoors. The pair formed a fast friendship, however, when they were attacked by a large wild boar and Parker was surprised when the man produced a bullwhip to take down the animal. They set up a camp to see the night through and over the fire the academics bonded.

Parker kept in touch with Jones over the years, even assisting with his teaching at the University of London on occassion. In 1930, she was contacted by Jones to help him with a secret project and joined his group assigned to investigate a series of events involving unidentified flying objects that had been spotted in the skies attacking a variety of vehicles.[1]

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