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"He stopped wanting things he could not have and he was content."
Jiddu Krishnamurti[src]

Sidharta Gautama was the founder of Buddhism. He was a former Indian prince who fled his home after learning of suffering beyond the palace and meditated under a tree until he achieved enlightenment. He was given the title of the Buddha, or the enlightened one.

To Hindus, Buddha is the ninth avatar of the god Vishnu, while to Buddhists he is viewed as a teacher.


Sidharta Gautama was an Indian prince. His father protected him from misery and suffering by supplying him with every luxury and want he desired. After leaving the palace, he discovered suffering, ran away and meditated under a tree for a very long time. Eventually he came to enlightenment, and was given the title the Buddha, or the enlightened one.

Buddha's precepts and teachings were dictated and written in his own words in what was known as the Covenant of Buddha.[2]


The Colossus of Bamian

In 1938, Indiana Jones searched for the Covenant in Afghanistan, and traveled to the larger of the Buddhas — known as the Colossus of Bamian — where a unit of the Japanese Imperial Army camped hoping to find the relic and use it to strengthen their hold over Asia. However, the Covenant was got destroyed in Jones and the Japanese's efforts to claim it.[2]



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