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Geheimhaven was a secret Nazi supply base located on a deserted island north of the Greek island of Crete. German Command gave it its code-name, meaning "secret haven," as a result of it possessing a secret submarine pen carved from one of the island's many caves, a reconnaissance base, and an advanced supply center. The base was commanded by Captain Mohler.[1]


The island was originally inhabited only by a small goat flock, making it ideal for secret operations. The Germans built the U-boat pen and supply base beneath the island's western cliffs, and positioned camouflaged anti-aircraft guns, small supply dumps, and concealed observation posts around the island itself.[1]

The Germans also built a small dock built to resemble a minor fisherman's quay on the eastern shore of Geheimhaven, in a secluded harbor. Several soldiers, disguised as Greek fishermen, guard the dock from a nearby shack.[1]

Submarine dock at Geheimhaven.

After boarding the tramp freighter Bantu Wind and recovering the Ark of the Covenant from Indiana Jones, the Nazi expedition led by Colonel Herman Dietrich brought the artifact to Geheimhaven to examine its contents, before taking it to Berlin and presenting it to Adolf Hitler. At the insistence of French archaeologist René Emile Belloq, an altar was constructed on the highest point on the island. As the Ark was being taken to it, the procession was interrupted by Jones, who threatened to destroy the ancient artifact; but Belloq called his bluff, and he was captured.[2]

With Jones and Marion Ravenwood bound to a stake at the altar that night, Belloq began the Jewish ritual for opening the Ark. To the dismay of Belloq and Dietrich, there appeared to be nothing more than sand within it; all that was left of the Ten Commandments, though this dismay was soon replaced with wonder as spirits flew up from within the artifact; this, in turn, was turned into terror as the spirits changed their gentle countenances into hideous ones, and the holy fires of the Ark struck dead the entourage of Nazi soldiers, and then dissolved Belloq, Dietrich, and the Gestapo agent Toht. A firestorm swept the dead into the sky, and the night calmed as the Ark shut itself, leaving Jones and Marion, who had kept their eyes shut during the inferno, to escape Geheimhaven with the Ark and return with it to the United States. [2]



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