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Gerald Farnsworth was the older brother of Richard Farnsworth, a former student of Dorian Belecamus.


Around 1920, Gerald Farnsworth's younger brother Richard, a University of Athens graduate student, disappeared after becoming romantically involved with faculty member Dorian Belecamus. Gerald went searching for his brother and discovered archaeology professor's connection to Richard as well as learning that his brother was not the first man involved with Belecamus to go missing. Belecamus had, however, resigned from shortly after Richard's disappearance, leaving rumors that she was about to be charged for inappropriate and unprofessional conduct with her students in her wake.

By 1922, Farnsworth had tracked down Belecamus in Paris where she had taken a post at the Sorbonne and had become involved with another student: Indiana Jones. Over a month, the professor became aware that a man was following her around campus and hired an investigator to find out more about him, and when she was provided with the name "Farnsworth" she easily made the connection back to her murdered lover.

After Indiana Jones had caught up with Ted Conrad from his University of Chicago days at a Parisian café, Farnsworth approached Conrad, to let him know about the danger Jones was in with Dorian Belecamus. The concerned Conrad, whose reunion with Jones had been a chance encounter, told him that Jones was leaving for Greece the next day with Belecamus and he had no means of contacting him. Farnsworth decided he would tell Jones himself and would reassure Conrad by telegraph.

However, Farnsworth didn't get the chance. On board the train, as it traveled through southern Italy, Belecamus stabbed Farnsworth with an ice pick and dumped his body on a railroad bed before the train reached Brindisi. Farnsworth's body was found days later by the police after Conrad hadn't heard from him.