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The German Agent was a member of the Gestapo and Nazi spy. Based out of Cairo, Egypt in 1936, the agent and two partners worked to waylay threats and prevent interference to the Third Reich's excavation of nearby Tanis to unearth the lost Ark of the Covenant.


By 1936 a German Gestapo agent and two associates of his, under the orders of Colonel Herman Dietrich, had infiltrated Cairo, Egypt over the British government's noses as part of the Nazi excavation of the lost Ark of the Covenant at Tanis.[2] Positioned to prevent threats to the ongoing work at Tanis, the German agent and his partners monitored the movements of American archaeologist Indiana Jones and bar owner Marion Ravenwood when they arrived in the city chasing the location of the Ark themselves.[1]

The agent was not present for the pursuit and ambush of Jones and Ravenwood through the streets of Cairo but, after the Nazis faked the death of Marion, the agent joined his surviving partner and found Jones grieving with a bottle of alcohol outside of the Marhala Bar. Approaching the inebriated archaeologist, the agent stoodby while his partner informed Jones that a man in the bar wanted to talk to him and led him inside.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The German Agent was a role played uncredited in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Although Steve Hanson is the credited German Agent in the film,[1] the Cairo-based Nazi spies are all collectively called German Agents in the Raiders of the Lost Ark Sourcebook and share the same gameplay stats.[2] In the film's Read-Along Adventure adaptation, the German agents are simply described as Nazi officers rather than Gestapo agents.[3]

In the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! at Disney World, the three German agents are all individually absent from the scene with Indy and Marion fighting their Egyptian attackers. In their place is a single black-suited German agent.[4]


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