"German East Africa, December 1916" is the fifth episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, and the fifth episode in season one. The episode originally aired on ABC on April 1, 1992. For home video, it was paired up with "Congo, January 1917" to become Oganga, The Giver and Taker of Life.

The episode pairs nicely with the follow-up episode ("Congo, January 1917") as it is the continuation to both the storyline in 1916/1917 (the mission across the Congo is told in two parts: the first part, traveling westward, and the second part, the return trip), and to the bookends segments (Jones is in the hospital waiting room and tells the first part of his tale to a fellow patient, and then tells the second part of his tale to his doctor).


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Old Indy has a bee sting on his foot and is waiting in the urgent care waiting area of a hospital with several other patients. Before his turn comes, a new patient is wheeled in through the emergency entrance by paramedics - a young African-American girl, who was shot as an innocent bystander in violence in a bad neighborhood. One of Indy's fellow patients, Mike, grumbles at having to wait longer, and that treating the girl won't matter much since she is not going to amount to much in life given her economic class. Indy disagrees with him and relates a story about another child who started off in a bad circumstance.

German East Africa, December 1916Edit

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After relating the story, Jones announces that the boy he saved grew up to be Barthélemy Boganda, the first prime minister of the Central African Empire, going to show that you never can tell what greatness a child can reach. At that point, one of the doctors comes out to ask for blood for the girl. Jones can't donate as he is the wrong blood type, but Mike, with a matching blood type, has been moved by Jones' story and raises his hand to volunteer.

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In 1996, the episode was edited into Oganga, The Giver and Taker of Life, which was released on VHS in 1999 and DVD in 2007 (as part of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Volume Two, The War Years).


The episode was adapted as Issue 7: German East Africa, December 1916 of the comic series of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

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Mike: "I'm sorry I ever met you!"
Old Indy: "Yeah, I have that effect on people."

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