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The German Major was a German military officer in German East Africa.


In December 1916, the major was the lead officer during a battle against a force of Belgian forces. When Major Boucher of the Belgian troops started a charge across the battlefield, his German opposite waited until the Belgian and Force Publique soldiers were within range, then ordered his men to attack - Batusi with mortars and rifles, and a machine gun, operated by a German soldier.

The machine gun quickly halted the Belgian attack, but when the gun jammed, the Belgian forces charged again, led by Lt. Henri Defense, who overtook the German picket, and started killing the German forces. The major used his pistol to kill several of the Belgian askaris, and saw a chance to shoot Defense. While he was aiming, Defense's sergeant, Barthélèmy, shot the German major dead with his rifle.

Behind the scenes Edit

Jorgen Mueller played the role of the German Major in the episode "German East Africa, December 1916" of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. The character is named, albeit differently, in two young adult adaptations of the episode: "Karl von Regen" in Trek of Doom, and "Kleist" in The River of Death.


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