The German corporal was a soldier in the German forces, serving in the area of Verdun during World War I. In September 1916, he was assigned to serve near the German command bunker in the trenches in the Battle of Verdun. One night, while his commanding officers chatted over tea, the corporal was called in to report when they heard a sound outside the bunker.

Accepting the orders from Hans Lehmann and Oetzmann with a click of his heels, he climbed up the ladder that led to the roof of the bunker. Trying to remain quiet, he looked around and spotted nothing before finishing his climb. Walking on top of the bunker, he was surprised when a French spy suddenly stood up in front of him. The corporal was knocked over, and began fumbling for his sidearm when the spy threw a grenade over the bunker. The grenade detonated several crates of explosives, creating a diversion that allowed the spy to escape across no man's land. It is not known whether the German corporal survived.

Behind the scenes Edit

The role of the corporal, though having some spoken lines in German, is uncredited in "Verdun, September 1916".

In the comic adaptation, Jones hears the corporal climbing up the ladder, and ambushes him. Before getting punched out, the corporal managed to call out for help.


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