"This is the Lady Chapel...built in the 1190s and dedicated to the Virgin"

Henry Jones, Sr.[src]

Glastonbury Abbey is the ruins of a monastery, located in Glastonbury, England. The abbey was initially established in 712, and rebuilt in the late 1100s after a fire. During the middle ages, it was one of the richest monasteries in England, due in part to the "discovery" of the graves of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere around the construction of the Lady Chapel in 1190s. In the 1500s, the abbey was disbanded as part of the dissolution of the nation's monasteries, and the buildings fell into ruins.

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In March 1945, Indiana Jones, Henry Jones, Sr., and Brendan O'Neal had been captured by the Nazi Dieterhoffmann near the Chalice Well, who was searching to complete the Spear of Longinus. Before Dieterhoffmann could have his opponents eliminated, local botanist Edwina Cheltingham arrived, guiding a pack of schoolgirls. She whispered to Indy to meet her at the Lady Chapel. Jones, his father, and O'Neal soon escaped.

Later that night, the three walked over to the Lady Chapel, where O'Neal felt the ruins to be eerie. Seeing a light in a smaller chapel below the main church, the three met a mysterious blond woman in a green cloak, who told them cryptic instructions to guard and assemble the Spear. With a gust of wind, the candles were extinguished, and the woman ran out of the ruins, toward a thorn tree.

Chasing her, the three men found Miss Cheltingham, who told them that the thorn tree they were under was the true Holy Thorn - the one on Wearyall Hill being replaced long ago. She had also procured a car, driven by her student Rebecca Stein, to escape in. O'Neal thanked their ally with a kiss, and Miss Cheltingham responded by giving him a sprig of the true thorn, and Jones and his companions drove off to escape from their approaching pursuers.[1]

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